R.O’NEILL LATTA  |  2020
Alonso Vineyard, Aqua Dulce, California

This is a boozy expression of grenache and plummy green fruit. Grenache grapes were picked from Alonso Vineyard on October 4, 2020, and fermented in a stainless steel tank. This juice was then blended with plums, picked the first two weeks of July between Brent Mayeaux’s vineyard site and roadside trees in the Santa Cruz area. The plums were given a semi-carbonic maceration in advance of blending. The juice is a tangy haze of sunset pinks and purples with chewier fruit and a present weight due to the wine’s underlying viscosity.

Zoe Latta
Zoe Latta is an artist and designer based in Los Angeles. She is 1/2 of the clothing label Eckhaus Latta.