R.O’NEILL LATTA  |  2020
Cider on Merlot Skins
Mary’s Orchard, Corralitos California

This field blend cider was made from Mary’s Orchard apples in Corralitos, forgotten centurion apples that have been untouched for over 15 years, fermented and then passed through Merlot pomace. The Merlot was picked from Brent’s Pinot Vineyard in Santa Cruz on September 6, 2020. This is a bruised cider, with a purple iridescence and light structuring to compliment the fresh, fragrant apple-blossom aromatics.

Marisa Takal
Marisa Takal is an artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. Her work explores systems of organization on micro and macro levels—the ways people are both connected and disconnected from each other and themselves and where interior and exterior spaces come together and come apart.