R.O’NEILL LATTA  |  2020
Fuyu, Hachiya and Apple Cider
Mary’s Orchard, Corralitos, California

This is a blend of Fuyu and Hachiya persimmons picked on December 4th and 13th, 2020, along with Pippin apple cider from forgotten centurion apple trees on Mary’s Orchard in Corralitos. A small batch of fermenting cider was left to macerate with the Fuyu persimmons for two weeks while the Hachiya ripened; it was then mixed with a larger quantity of field blend cider before bottling. This is a bright flaming orange color with zippy, energetic acidity and aromatic fruit that smells of dried apricots.

Rodrigo Valenzuela
Rodrigo Valenzuela is an artist working in photography, video, painting, and installation. Using autobiographical threads to inform larger universal fields of experience, his work constructs narratives, scenes, and stories that point to the tensions found between the individual and communities. Much of his work deals with the experience of undocumented immigrants and laborers. Valenzuela was born in Chile andis currently based in Los Angeles.