R.O’NEILL LATTA  |  2020
Plum-Apple Jerkum
Santa Cruz, California

This is a blend of forgotten centurion apples from Mary’s Orchard in Corralitos, California, plums from Brent’s Pinot Vineyard in Santa Cruz and some plums hanging within reach from roadside trees along the way. The plums were picked during the first two weeks of July and fermented separately in a stainless steel tank with a semi-carbonic maceration before blending with the juice from a field blend of apple cider. A ‘Jerkum’ is the term for an apple-plum beverage in the United Kingdom. This is a drink that lies somewhere between alcohol and juice, refreshing with a sour-candy quality, some notes of almond extract, honeysuckle flowers, and green plummy fruit.

Dave Muller 
Dave Muller is a contemporary artist that lives and works in Los Angeles and West Glover, Vermont. First gaining visibility within inner art circles for his hand-drawn announcements for fellow artist’s shows, Muller has become somewhat of an institution for this craft. These announcements are both critical and congratulatory of the art world, as he relates a public and inclusive spirit derived in an institutional system.